​​​​​​​​The Entomological Society of India 

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The Entomological Society of India (ESI) was founded in 1938 as a registered society under the Societies Registration Act 1957 as extended to the Union territory of Delhi under Registration No. S. 2434 of 1963-64 dt 12.3.1964. It is registered with NITI Aayog under unique ID of VO/NGO-DL/2016/0104219. It is one of the largest professional societies in India serving entomologists and  researchers in related disciplines. The main objective of the Society is to encourage and promote the dissemination of entomological knowledge. It arranges meetings of entomologists at the headquarters and at various places in India. The annual general body meetings are held regularly along with Conferences/Symposia/Meetings. These meetings provide opportunities to the members and others interested in the subject to keep in touch with the entomological activities.

The society publishes four journals:
The Indian Journal of Entomology: The official publication of the Society was started in 1939. Since 1956, it is being published as a quarterly journal and the four parts are published each in March, June, September and December.

Memoirs: Whenever suitable material of extraordinary length and finances are available to sponsor them wholly, the Society issues special numbers in the form of Memoirs. Sixteen such Memoirs on different topics has been published so far.

The Bulletin of Entomology: This publication, which was privately issued from Madras, has been taken over by the Society from 1967. The Bulletin is a half yearly publication, containing papers on bionomics, taxonomy, morphology etc. published sporadically. Subscription for the Bulletin of Entomology is Rs. 500/- annually. Any entomologist who wishes to publish lengthy manuscripts can use this Bulletins for such purpose.

The Journal of Grain Storage Research: Maiden issue published in April 2016 and will be taken over by Indian Society of Grain Storage Research soon.